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Meet our history

The research group COMERTEC - Communication, Market and Technology , linked to the course of journalism at the Federal University of Amapá ( UNIFAP ) was created in 2013 with the aim of developing projects and research related to triad communication, marketing and technology.

Brings together researchers interested in developing studies and thoughtful proposals on contemporary communication in the technological age, and to analyze the practical application of communication in several markets. Therefore, the COMERTEC research group has partnerships with Brazilian and international universities as well as being accredited and registered in the Directory of the CNPq Research Groups.


We have a mission to provide a high level academic education , through undergraduate and post-graduate ; Projects and extension courses; workshops , seminars , short courses , meetings and congresses ; works developed and presented at events and Editorial Production - books , e-books and Academic Journal

The group meetings happen each 20 or 30 days , from 14h to 15h , in person or virtually , the made ​​available on the calendar

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