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I  COMERTEC International Congress  



The COMERTEC research group,  with the Meistudies - Media Ecology  and Image Studies, invetes you to participate in I COMERTEC International Congress  and IV COMERTEC Jr.

This event will will happen remotely on June, 8th, 9th and 10th  2021. The Subject is "Democratic resistance, science and technological market in the global pandemic of Covid19".

June 8th





Panel discossion: Markets, scenarios and futures: comparative perspectives



Lectures recorded with renowned researchers. 

June 9th

Panel discossion: The fakenews and disinformation virus in the Covid-19 Pandemic


Working group with the presentation of expanded abstracts


June 10th 

Panel discossion: The difficult art of informing during the energy crisis in Amapá


Working group with the presentation of expanded abstracts


To participate in the WG's, just follow the event rules and regulations and submit your expanded abstract in the following lines:

WG1  - Alternative media and new journalistic practices

WG2  - Communication, technology and convergence

WG3 - Media analysis, management and communication strategies

WG4 - Education, sociability and communication in the new media era

Deadline for submission: April 30th

Register and submit your abstract



All expanded abstract approved for the I International Congress COMERTEC and IV COMERTEC Jr. will automatically be approved at the 4th International Congress Media Ecology and Image Studies - Challenges and reflections on the post-pandemic media ecosystem, which will happen between November 1st to 30th, 2021. Information at:


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